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Drumroll, Please: The Photo That Won $500 at Engage

For us camera phone aficionados, photography used to be simple: point, then shoot.

Today, well, it’s still fairly simple, but we’ve added a crucial step: point, shoot and filter.

That’s right: Instagram, for when your real world just isn’t pretty enough.

All jokes aside, we love Instagram. Like, really love it. We even loved it enough to build an entire contest around it at Engage. The rules were simple: send us your best Instagrammed photo (featuring your Engage keycard), and you could walk away with $500.

After nearly 200 entries, one photo stood above the rest:

Captured by Anne Cocquyt, this photo puts a new spin on three conference staples: the nametag (Nice to meet you), the lanyard (Complete with hidden flash drive in the clasp – very sneaky) and the water bottle (How can you argue with vegetables in water? Delicious). The end result? A shot simultaneously creative, classy and compelling.

Of course, our choice wasn’t easy. Some of you got crazy, others of you got bold, and we loved going through all the entries (fire up your Instagram app and search for #wtengage to see the full list). Huge, huge thanks to everyone who got their photography on and submitted some sweet shots.

Oh, and we’re not done. Keep an eye on the Webtrends Instagram. We’re not professional photographers by any means, but you better believe we can filter with the best of ‘em.

Big things coming.

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