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Innovation Showcase at Engage: Webtrends Streams!

Okay, I know it sounds self-serving, but…seriously, Streams is amazing.

Bruce Kenny, our CTO and Eric Butler, Sr. Director, Emerging Products, introduced us this morning to three companies that are already using Webtrends Streams:  Motorcycle Superstore, The Telegraph, and GoGo Wireless.  All three of these Webtrends customers worked with our developers to not only create the real-time event streams that we’re capturing behind the scenes, but also with our Digital Intelligence lab to create compelling visualizations they intend to share with their entire company, and  even their customers.

It’s hard to use words and static images to show you the value of Streams, but I’m going to try to give you a little insight from the customers themselves. Jason Miller took to the stage to show off the Motorcycle Superstore stream.  We watched as visitors came to their site real-time, when they left, and when significant events (like cart adds or purchases) take place.  As the VP of Technology, Jason knows the value of analytics data, but noted that it’s “Hard to get people to dig into your reports.”  But with this real-time visualization, he said, “you can get them interested and involved in the data.”  He also noted that they could, with Optimize, make a different offer to a site visitor real-time based on their behavior!  That’s powerful.

Richard Harte of The Telegraph showed us their stream, a living graphic that showed top articles and topics being consumed at that very moment.  He noted that this data is going to engage and inform several groups of people:  content editors (so they know what content to highlight), journalists (so they can compete for the best stories), and consumers (so they can find what others like and consume more!).  He had to apologize for staring at the visualization behind him on stage because it was just too fascinating!

Finally, Alex Schemionek of GoGo Wireless showed us what Streams is doing for his business.  GoGo is available on 6500 flights daily, so their company essentially runs 6500 campaigns a day, one for each flight, and the campaign is over the moment the plane lands.  They need to acquire, engage and convert fast.  Their visualization had planes in the air, and we could click into each flight and get data on who’s looking, deciding, and purchasing.  Again, the visualization is something he thinks will get other people throughout the organization interested in and using the data. There was more; this is an innovative product, and we’re building up the ability to see the entire context of the session as events stream. And get this:  we’re also working with Optimize to deliver real-time, targeted content (such as special offers) based on visitor behavior.  It’s getting powerful fast, and I have to agree with the keynote speakers that this is a serious re-imagining of digital marketing. If you’re at Engage, come find us and learn more.  If you’re not, watch this space for more today and tomorrow, because it’s going to be amazing.

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