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Q&A from Webtrends Streams™ Introductory Webinar


Thanks to all who joined us last week for the Webtrends Streams introductory webinar, where I was joined by Eric Peterson, Founder of Web Analytics Demystified, and Eric Butler, Webtrends’ Senior Director of Emerging Technologies.

The presentation spurred many interesting audience questions – more than we had time to address during the live broadcast – so we promised a follow-up to address them all. Those answers are below.

If you didn’t have time to catch the entire live broadcast, you can view the on demand version or check out the slides here.

If this Q&A spurs additional questions, jot them below and we’ll answer those as well.


Q.) Is Streams available as a SaaS and/or cloud solution?

A.) Yes, Webtrends Streams is a SaaS/Cloud solution.


Q.) I am having trouble visualizing specific real-world examples for which Streams can be used.  You mentioned its value for online marketing campaigns, but WHAT OTHER specific examples can you provide?

A.) Webtrends Streams is currently being used by recognized brands in Online Retail, Media, Travel and Financial Services to drive engagement with customers, identify fraud and page errors, identify consumer trends, link social trends with website marketing and enable marketers to look at their business in a whole new way. Marketers now have a visitor-level view into how they are getting to the site and what they are doing on the site as it happens with the ability to push that information into internal and external action and remarketing systems.


Q.) Can this product be used to automate real-time campaigns (e.g. geo-fenced ads and/or promotion variations)?

A.) Absolutely. Webtrends Streams can be used to monitor campaigns in real-time and was designed to be able to take action on visitor-level data as it’s happening on your site, or as part of your campaign. The power of Streams is realized when you are able to take action on the insight. It has an open API design that is ideal for machine-to-machine applications that require in-the-moment information to drive action. The applications subscribe to a specific Stream, which in turn pushes the stream data within seconds of the event occurring on the website.


Q.) If we are an existing customer, do we need to be using the Webtrends Analytics On Demand product to leverage Webtrends Streams?

A.) Webtrends Streams is a stand-alone product that complements Webtrends Analytics and all major Analytics solutions by providing customer level information in-the-moment with the ability to push that information into action systems or visualizations. It is not a replacement for traditional Analytics solutions, but provides new insight and capabilities that are additive to the current solution. Companies that use any Analytics product can also use Webtrends Streams.


Q.) Are all Webtrends generated parameters and all custom parameters available to be used in this environment for website and app tracking?

A.) Yes. All standard and custom parameters and variables collected via the Webtrends data collection environment are included in Streams, as well as several enrichment parameters including geography, device types, browser types and more.


Q.) How might you aggregate data on the fly?

A.) Webtrends Streams is currently focused on providing event-level data. Soon it will combine events into complete sessions with the ability to aggregate within and across sessions. We will let you know when these enhancements are ready.


Q.) How do you account for the “red dress” scenario** that you mentioned at the outset of the webinar; can you set up alerts in Streams to pro-actively recognize keywords or keyword phrases that are driving out of norm inbound traffic (thus enabling a marketer to be more agile with their merchandising?)

A.) Yes. As you noted, Webtrends Streams has tremendous capability for accessing data based on predefined criteria. The applications are essentially limitless.


Q.) What is the cost for streams implementation?

A.) Unlike today’s analytics solutions, which are priced around the amount of data collected, Webtrends Streams is priced based upon the volume of Stream events consumed. Our goal was to provide customers with a solution that solves unique business problems and ultimately drives customer conversion. Please contact one of our sales professionals on www.webtrends.com/streams for additional information.


Q.) Can you create ad-hoc segments? Like Traffic Sources for a particular city?

A. Absolutely. Hopefully you appreciated the power of Streams. It truly re-defines ad-hoc analysis and reporting, and the ability to gain visitor-level insight into your business as it happens. You can easily create your own visuals or reports tailored to your specific business needs.


Q.)Very cool! Who else has an analytics solution like this?

A.) No one! Webtrends Streams is truly unique in that it delivers Visitor-Level Data As-it-Happens and an open API that PUSHES data into actions systems. We believe that Webtrends Streams is the only solution that effectively does all three to truly drive action with customers.


Q.) Can you look at historical activity on the campaign stream with the current stream data?

A.) Including historical or aggregated views with Webtrends Streams is on the near-term roadmap. As we discussed, Webtrends Streams is currently focused on in-session as-it-happens data for a specific event. We recognize that aggregating data for trending and benchmarking provides valuable insights, and we will be adding that capability soon.


Q.)  I don’t understand your travel purchase example. Are you saying that if a customer books an air ticket on Expedia, you would be able to tell me, as a competitor to Expedia, and I could be notified via Webtrends Streams so I could market directly to that consumer?  (If they booked on my site, I would already know that so I wouldn’t need Webtrends Streams).

A. No. Webtrends does not share customer data with third parties. We take data privacy very seriously. Webtrends Streams uses a revolutionary approach to providing immediate behavioral level data, in-session, to allow our customers to more effectively market (and re-market) to their visitors.

For more about Streams, please visit our website.  For a Storify re-cap of the webinar, click here.


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