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Telegraph improves their iPad app using Webtrends Mobile Analytics

It’s not news that consumers are in love with tablets. Forrester Research estimates that over 26 million people will be using tablets  this year and growing to 82 million in four years, in the US alone.  As consumers pull more and more tablets off the shelves globally, many businesses are setting out to engage with a potential new audience on a brand new canvas.

In 2010 Telegraph Media group identified the mobile tablet as a key investment to expand the readership of their publications and launched their first iPad application in late Summer 2010. But was it a good investment for them and what could they evolve it to?

After the initial launch they took a hard look at the feedback they received from their customers and internal teams, and evaluated how they actually used their application with Webtrends Mobile App Analytics.

Using Webtrends they were are able to discover:

  • Tablets are used at specific times of day – They identified different patterns and time of day their readers consumed their content. Peak times were earlier and later in the day than desk top viewers and higher on weekends. Great insight to inform the new subscription model.
  • Tablets apps are good mechanisms to drive loyalty and retention. They saw continuous growth of the returning readers since launch. Important ingredient for advertising sales.
  • Tablet engagement and usage is high. Average time spent (over 10 minutes/session) in application is higher than PC website. Another important ingredient for advertising sales.
  • Improved the reader experience of their app based on observations of how people interacted with the app’s navigation. Great content and usable design is critical to ensure ongoing use.

With an understanding about how their audience used their applications, they were able to prove that they were on the right track with their mobile strategy. Armed with a proven ROI they were able to grow their investment leading to a second iteration of their iPad application, released on 5/5/11, featuring a new business model, more content, and an improved design.

Telegraph provides a great example of how to successfully iterate on a mobile strategy using solid business intuition informed by quantitative  and qualitative insight about their customers. To learn more about Telegraph’s mobile strategy and findings from their foray into Tablet applications, check out our recently recorded webinar.

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