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Simply start by keeping things simple

Getting started is key – you’ve got to take that first step

Our work in both analytics and optimization gives us unique perspective on a broad range of client adoptions ranging from just starting to explore site optimization with simple A/B testing to extremely sophisticated teams moving from multivariate testing to personalization. One consistency we have observed is that organizations that dedicate talented resources and give them time and latitude to take chances see the biggest gains from testing and targeting.

How do you maximize your chances of success? Ensure you have the right people and they are given the time needed to succeed. Encourage these pioneering team members to start by defining simple objectives and test hypothesises while slowly adding complexity as you build experience and confidence. Simple tests focusing on concepts like improving a call to action, minimizing distractions, adding validations/testimonials boost conversion rates by double digits. Nothing obstructs pioneering activities more than complexity.

Webtrends Optimization Maturity ModelAs this directional optimization maturity model shows, each phase assumes some mastery of the previous stage. A solid grasp of your web analytics data is a prerequisite for developing a hypothesis on what to test and for which audience segments. With experience comes success and confidence; achievable and successful optimization activities build positive mind-share and will garner the organizational support to take your optimization program to the next level.

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