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Now Available: Webtrends Analytics On Premises

Earlier this week we released Webtrends Analytics On Premises, a major upgrade that brings the openness, power, and elegance of Analytics to the On Premises product offering.

To quote Alex Yoder from our recent press release, “More brand interactions happen away from our customers’ sites every day: Facebook, mobile apps and social media. Organizations need to see across all those channels to understand the big picture. Analytics On Premises helps organizations create more relevant interactions with their customers, all while keeping that customer data on their own IT systems.”

From a product feature perspective, Webtrends Analytics is comprised of three primary areas.  I’ll be summarizing them in this post and going into more detail at a webinar I’m hosting on Thursday, August 12th at 11AM PDT.

And you might also enjoy reading a user review from Michael Notté of Toyota, and what he had to say on his EXCELLENT blog, kaizen-analytics.com.

Insight Interface

anlytcs-insight-04 To complement our powerful analytics and reporting engine, we’ve added a new interface called Insight. The new Analytics Insight interface combines numerous breakthroughs in data exploration and visualization.  It is the most intuitive, least complicated analytics experience and allows you to quickly uncover trends and easily explore data.

Insight also is the interface for many new capabilities, including:

  • Alerts: get notified via email whenever a key metric exceeds or does not reach an amount by a specific time.  You’ll find out immediately if your campaign, web site or mobile application is performing exceedingly well (or not) and be able to react in real-time.  You can also easily convert your alerts into permanent notes on your metrics so you can repeat  your successes.
  • Notes and annotations: Add notes or annotations to your key metrics and either share them or keep them to yourself.  In addition to manual annotations, you can add RSS feeds of important web sites, blogs, Twitter searches, or your own marketing calendar as notes right on top of your trend data.  You can quickly and easily correlate the effects of both the activities you control and external events right on your metrics.
  • Story view: How often do you try to present the executive summary of your site’s performance to others who might not know the specific terminology of web analytics?  With story view, your key metrics are presented in plain language and organized for easy copy-and-pasting into Word, email, and even PowerPoint.

Data-in, no restrictions. Data-out, no fees

aanlytcs-api-04 Webtrends’ industry leading enhanced application programming interface (API) provides self-service access and integration of your online and offline data without any added charges:

  • Live spreadsheets. Review web site metrics throughout the day in live spreadsheets that anyone can securely access. Create Excel dashboards with live data in three easy steps.
  • Data collection. Uncover cross-channel trends and monitor the activity on your mobile applications and sites by programmatically sending data from these devices to your hosted collection servers for processing and analysis alongside your web site traffic and other data.  Using our mobile SDKs, you can integrate Webtrends tracking into native mobile applications to capture any event that is relevant to your application.
  • Data Extraction. Populate widgets, dashboards and other applications with Webtrends data using the iron-clad Data Extraction API built with Representational State Transfer (REST) URLs and other web standards — or combine data from Webtrends and other business intelligence tools to create best-of-breeds solutions catered to your business.

Powerful to the Core

anlytcs-ondemand-04 Analytics provides enhancements to all of the core features customers have come to depend on with Webtrends Analytics.  Some of the new capabilities are:

  • Custom report enhancements. We’ve increased the number of measures you can have in any report, and allowed for more flexibility around report changes.
  • Traffic Source reporting. Create reports that categorize your traffic sources: paid search, non-search campaigns, organic search, other referrers, and direct traffic.

Analytics is available for download for customers with current maintenance contracts from our Software Center.  Please note that the current version, 9.2a, is English-only so if you have an older localized version of Analytics you should wait until an update before upgrading to version 9.

We’ve also modified our Release Notes format to also include new capabilities.  They are now online in a blog-type format.  Also, you can find documentation for the new release online as well.

Please don’t forget attend my webinar on August 12th at 11AM PDT / 2PM EDT where I’ll be speaking in a bit more detail about the upgrade and the new features – register here.

To my co-workers: thanks for your hard work and dedication, and allowing me to represent your work to our customers and the market.

To our customers: thank you for your continued business and support, and for the feedback and comments you provide.  Please keep them coming and always feel free to let us know what we can do to help make you more successful.

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3 Comments on "Now Available: Webtrends Analytics On Premises"

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August 10, 2010 1:10 am

Hi Derek,

Thanks for mentioning my blog post and for the comment. As said, they are plenty of great enhancements, small and not so small ones. I really looking forward for getting my hands on it.

August 6, 2010 9:18 am

@jacques: thanks, I think. :)

Analytics assigns one traffic source to each visit. In your example, the value of “Traffic Source” will be “Paid Search” regardless of whether there is a WT.mc_id parameter attached.

You can override the value “Paid Search” by attaching a value of your choosing to the WT.tsrc parameter in addition to the campaign ID. But there still is only one source per visit.

August 6, 2010 8:33 am

“Traffic Sources Repouorting” I could kiss you guys on the mouth for that! Great!

Now, will it be possible (My guess is yes) for a visit to be recorded on more than one source category, say a Paid Search visit that woud also carry the WT.mc_id parameter? So my guess is that WT will show percentages and not actual visit values to avoid summing them and getting a total higher than the overall visit one.


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