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Engage 2010: The First Day

Yesterday was a very big day for Webtrends, our customers, and our partners. Now, after months of planning, promoting, and pulling together a plethora of particulars, Engage 2010 began at 7am with the opening of the registration table on the mezzanine of the stunning, historic Roosevelt Hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

I assisted with the check-in of those with last names starting with H-M, and quite frankly, even at that early morning start time, the energy was already palpable. It might have been the vibrant city, it might have been the fact that Engage 2010 is SOLD OUT (whoo-hoo!), and it might even have been the above-mentioned carefully executed program we’ve put together. Whatever the reason, it’s not just the Webtrends crew that feels it. Attendees tell us this event is special. Very special. And very fun!

After the registration tables closed for the night, everyone trekked down the hall to the ballroom where the very first ever Ignite NOLA was held. The specialness continued. The room was packed with Webtrends personnel, Engage 2010 attendees and speakers, and a large number of very excited New Orleans citizens.

Webtrends’ own Benjamin Diggles rocked the house with his explanation of why “Conspiracy is more Normal than Normal” and Christian Howes had us rolling in the aisles as he listed some of the “Inappropriate terms to use in an American business meeting if you are a Brit”. Like Portland, which is gearing up for its 8th Ignite Portland, New Orleans took to the Ignite format like bead-wearing partiers roaming Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras. It takes a close-knit community of fun-loving, adventurous people to make Ignite work, and this enduring city has it in spades.

But not all the Webtrends excitement is happening in New Orleans. Yesterday we also launched our Facebook contest, The Great Data Give Away. If you’re an info-geek and you want to win access to superior information, you should visit the Webtrends Facebook fan page and enter to win one of four most excellent prizes.

Yesterday we also announced partnerships with two fantastic companies. (See? I told you yesterday was a very big day!) First, Webtrends and Responsys have teamed up within the Open Exchange Network to help our respective customers do more with their data. Responsys helps companies across multiple industries increase revenue, efficiencies, and cross-channel coordination of global marketing operations. Partnerships in the Open Exchange Network help companies leverage their data for better product integration and better ROI.

Webtrends also announced a new partnership with Acronym Media, an Advertising Age “Top 10 Search Engine Marketing Agency” and a leader in Keyword-Driven Marketing™. The new deal introduces two new solutions designed to help marketers integrate online marketing and analytics through data intelligence and actionable insights. The partnership will offer clients an unprecedented level of depth and insight into competitor initiatives, conversion funnels and tactics, enabling smarter business decisions and highly targeted optimization strategies.

Well, there you have it: a short-but-sweet recap of the first day of the Engage 2010 customer conference. Tomorrow I’ll share more of the energy and conversations happening here in beautiful New Orleans. In the meantime, I leave you with this question:

Who dat?

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February 3, 2010 9:02 am

I will never forget that evening.

I had multiple people approach me saying “this is the best engage conference ever” – I would have to agree but this was my first time.

Oh and the red jeans were well received! w00t!


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