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Introducing Webtrends Infinity™: The New Era of Digital Analytics

Join us for a sneak peek of our new solution, Infinity Analytics. We’ll be hosting a behind-the-scenes discussion with Pete Crossley, director of Product Architecture & Technology, and Ethan Dereszynski, research scientist. You’ll also take part in a live demo.

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Hadoop Summit 2016

Pete Crossley, director of product architecture and technology at Webtrends, will be presenting, “The Life of an Internet of Things (IoT) Electron; Its Journey to Become a Positive Influence for Something Greater” on June 28 at this year’s Hadoop Summit. Pete will follow an electron’s journey as it travels through the IoT web and share best practices based on insights garnered from the 13 billion transactions Webtrends processes per day. He will explain how his team applies data strategies using technologies like Apache Spark, Samaza and Apache Kafka from the Hadoop ecosystem.

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